Top 10 Chain Restaurants With the Best Gluten-Free Options

Sometimes it is hard to go out to eat with a restricted diet, but many popular restaurants now make

it easier to go out to eat with gluten-free menus or modifications to your

meals. The following restaurants, in my opinion, are the best gluten-free chain

restaurants based on the amount of options they have, as well as

how they accommodate to both allergies and preferences. These

restaurants are located all around the globe, so it makes it easier to try all

of the options off of the menu whenever you go out to eat.

1. Noodles and Company

One would think Noodles and Company would not be gluten-free because of having “noodles” in the

title, but there are multiple tasty options at this restaurant! You can substitute

either gluten-free fusilli, Zucchini, or rice noodles many of the popular

dishes such as the Penne Rosa, Pesto Cavatappi, Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, and

more. In addition to that, many of their salads are gluten-free with select

dressings, as well as the Pad Thai noodle dish and Thai Chicken and Tomato

Basil Bisque soup. One very good aspect about Noodles and Company as well is

that when you order anything that is gluten-free, they ask if it is a

preference or an allergy so they can make your dish in the appropriate environment.

2. Chipotle Mexican Grill

An interesting fact about Chipotle is that everything on the menu, besides the flour tortilla, is

completely gluten free! Chipotle is a restaurant where they assemble the food

in front of you, so you can pick and choose what you like in your burritos,

bowls, tacos, and more! They avoid cross-contamination by having everything in

select containers, and label everything on their website that could have traces

of gluten in it through the processing of the food.

3. Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s has a newly added gluten-free item to their menu, the “Unwich” wrap. You can take any

sandwich, minus the bread, and wrap it in lettuce. Many of the ingredients for

their sandwiches are gluten-free, but make sure to check the allergen list just

in case. With an allergy at Jimmy John’s you can specially order to

make sure they make the wrap on the paper instead of the work table to avoid

cross contamination, and to have them change their gloves before they make your


4. MOD Pizza

One food that I thought I would not be able to have again after being gluten-free was pizza, but not

with MOD Pizza! This restaurant has a build-it-yourself feel with making

pizzas, and they offer crust without gluten to make it on. They make

the pizzas on separate papers to avoid cross-contamination of wheat from other

pizzas, and majority of their toppings are healthy and do not contain.

5. Boston Market

This restaurant is one of those places that has a lot of different options because you can choose an entrée,

side, and drink. The meals that are offered are different chicken meals or

bowls, with sides such as fresh steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, southwest

rice, and more. In addition to this, they guarantee that all of their food is

made in separate environments from common allergens.

6. Five Guys

You wouldn’t think that a burger place is almost all gluten-free, but Five Guys is! The only products on their menu that contain gluten in them are their buns, HP sauce, malt vinegar condiments, malted milkshake, and their Oreo cookie milkshake. Everything else, is completely gluten-free. They have not made a bun without gluten as a part of their menu yet, but they do offer all of their sandwiches and burgers with lettuce and all of the toppings, just minus the bun.

7. Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a fantastic chain Italian restaurant! There are so many gluten-free options here such as their famous house salad with vinaigrette dressing, Zuppa Toscana

soup, many of their chicken and steak dishes, as well as you can substitute gluten-free

rotini noodles in with any of the dishes. Olive Garden is also one of the great

restaurants that ask if you are avoiding gluten as an allergy or a preference,

which makes it easier to know that there would be no cross-contamination along

with your food.

8. Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli has so many options and modifications for people who are

avoiding gluten. Most of their sandwiches can be asked to use Udi’s brand of bread on them! In addition to that, a lot of their salad, spuds, and more are

all gluten-free. There is no way you would not be able to find anything on this

menu, even with a diet restriction!

9. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen not only offers pizza with gluten-free crust,

but many other options off of its menu. They offer multiple salads, appetizers,

soups, and desserts. All you have to do when you go to the restaurant is ask

for their side gluten-free menu and all of the food is on there. This is one of

those sit down restaurants that you cannot miss with their options!

10. PF Chang’s

PF Chang’s has a whole gluten-free menu modified for both people with

allergies and who just have a preference of this diet. Surprising enough, they

also have gluten-free soy sauce. Usually, Asian soy sauce contains gluten, but

here you just have to ask for the gluten-free soy sauce and you are good to go!

They have dishes such as their egg drop soup, spicy chicken, shrimp with

lobster sauce, Mongolian beef, and so much more. I believe that this place has

one of the most options where it is made without gluten, when asked


The fear of never being

able to eat out again is over, with so many restaurants making modifications

and options in makes it a lot easier! As always, make sure to check

the allergen information at the restaurant before eating, and talk with the

employees to make sure that they are accommodating to your dietary needs.

Best Reasons To Use Juicing for a Healthier Lifestyle

The best reasons to use juicing is to help with a healthier lifestyle or just as a choice instead of prepared juices. Juicing can aide in providing high quality nutrients to the body for daily maintenance, in illness or as a supplement to your daily requirements. It can also be helpful with aiding in cleansing or detoxifying if you have food allergies, use to help in losing or gaining weight. Generally, speaking it may help in keeping your overall system healthier. Juicing can be very beneficial in maintaining a vegetarian diet.

A wide variety of vegetables and fruits can be used in juicing which helps increase your energy level and increase your mental clarity because of the freshness. It is best to consume the juice immediately after juicing to get the full benefits of the nutrients. The vitamins and minerals provided by the fresh vegetable or fruit can be a part of a well-balanced diet. There are many pros and cons of using juicing exclusively. Don’t forget to always check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions that contraindicate juicing. For example; Diabetes or certain inflammatory intestinal conditions; you will need clearance with your physician. In general, this is good to do especially if you don’t know what is going on in your body or just starting to juice.

When you start juicing take note or keep a record of what you consumed in your body before you started and how you were feeling. After you have started juicing take note of how you feel for example; your energy level, mental acuity (thinking), skin tone, weight, bowel habits and sleep habits. You may be surprised at the difference it makes if you are serious about a new way of life.

Juicing may help improve your physical and mental state in addition to being healthy for you. It is holistic without using chemicals or prepared juices. Most people are trying to get into wellness and this means educating yourself about what goes into your body as well as self-managing your lifestyle.

Juicing can lead to a healthy lifestyle if done properly. Generally, it is not a good idea to save or store the juicing because it may develop harmful bacteria, that’s why it’s best to prepare only the amount you will consume at one time. Also, it is best to consume the fresh juice immediately to get the full benefits of the vitamins and minerals which are natural and in their pure form. Juicing can be added a routine to maintain your wellness